David Kassim, Managing Director

David Kassim is Managing Director and Head of Research at the Institute for Marketing and Word-of-Mouth Research (ifwom). With a background in psychology and neuroscience, he is an expert in applying advanced statistical modeling methods and has used these skills in calculating Marketing Mix Models, running agent based models to simulate WOM spread in populations and more. 

Dr. Florian Dost, Academic Adviser

Florian Dost is a Senior Lecturer of Marketing analytics in the Management School of Lancaster University. He is an expert in Pricing and Word-of-Mouth research and teaches market research as well as complex statistical modelling. He and his team have calculated several Marketing Mix Models for internationals clients to test the effectiveness of Word-of-Mouth.

Gesine Malschofsky, Research Consultant

Gesine Malschofsky is a Research Consultant at ifwom. She has a background in Psychology and several years of experience as a Product Owner in software development.