What is the ifwom relay score?


The ifwom relay score is a method used to estimate the Generational Relay Rate 2 (GRR2) - i.e. the average number of people reached in generation 2 (G2) by generation 1 (G1) in a WOM campaign. This information is necessary if we want to estimate the overall reach of a WOM campaign. The ifwom relay score in particular is used when information on the actual reach of G1 participants is not readily available.

Version 2.0 of the ifwom relay score was created based on a dataset consisting of 57,305 individual cases from ifwom ADVANCED measurements and augmented with Metadata on country and product type. The dependent variable was the actual measured GRR2 that is available in ifwom ADVANCED measurements. The underlying model was an UNIANOVA.

The ifwom relay score 2.0 is used in combination with ifwom BASIC and allows a conservative estimation of the reach of a WOM campaign while the campaign is still being conducted. Thus, offering the potential for early intervention should a campaign be performing sub-optimal.