Offline WOM by influentials (Who & What channel):

"Who says what to whom in what channel with what effect?"

Nowadays consumers can choose between various information sources and have become less attentive to traditional advertising. At the same time practitioners appreciate the fact that WOM may lead to so-called contagion or viral effects which create large and costless benefits of WOM.

That's why firms increasingly use influentials in word-of-mouth campaigns to spread information about their products. Interestingly, 90% of all word-of-mouth incidents are known to be the passing of information between persons by oral communication (Keller & Fay, 2012). In forms of storytelling or recommendations it is a firmly established part of our oral tradition and history.

The measurement of offline WOM in such campaigns is usually limited to the point of view of campaign participants, who can only record their own contribution to the marketing effort and are potentially biased in favor of the brand. At ifwom, we expand the view of the word-of-mouth marketer by collecting feedback of WOM recipients. Access codes for an online survey are distributed to WOM recipients by the help of the influentials. Via our survey we get a more realistic picture of the campaigns outcome.