Outcome of WOM campaigns (What effect):

“Who says what to whom in what channel with what effect?“

Over 50 years of research have stressed that WOM is an especially potent form of communication. WOM is known to change attitudes, judgments, expectations and the likelihoods of choice as it reduces the perceived risk associated with a purchase decision.

Which effects can be achieved also depends on the product performance, the campaign-related information spread and the size of the potential market. Our survey approach can be adapted to various criteria relevant to you, yet usually covers the following variables:

How is your product evaluated?

The performance of your product is essential for market success. ifwom provides measures for product performance.

  • How well is the brand perceived by WOM recipients?

Do WOM recipients intend to buy?

Sales are the fundamental success factor of all business. At ifwom, we calculate purchase probabilities of WOM recipients.

  • How many people intent to buy your product?
  • ifwom can predict demand curves of WOM recipients by using state-of-the-art measures for willingness-to-pay (WTP).

Does WOM spread?

One positive effect of WOM is that it is spreads from one generation to another. ifwom shows if WOM recipients are also willing to recommend your brand and how many have already spoken with others. It also shows the number of people that are contacted by WOM recipients.

  • Are WOM recipients also willing to recommend your product?
  • How big is the share of people that already talked to others?
  • How many conversations have been created by the WOM recipients?